In the ever-evolving world of WordPress, updates are a constant. While they’re essential for security, performance, and feature improvements, they can also be a source of concern for website owners. How does one ensure that these updates enhance the site without causing disruptions? This is where SilverCod’s meticulous approach to handling WordPress updates comes into play.

Our Step-by-Step Update Process:

At SilverCod, we handle both minor and major WordPress updates with a carefully structured process designed to minimize risks and maximize efficiency. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Snapshot Creation: Before any update, we take a complete snapshot of your site. This step is crucial as it ensures that we have a reliable fallback option in case of any unforeseen issues.
  2. Temporary Server Load: We load the snapshot onto a temporary server. This allows us to conduct the update in a controlled environment that doesn’t affect your live site.
  3. Performing the Update: On the temporary server, we apply the necessary WordPress update, whether it’s a minor patch or a major release.
  4. Validation Testing: Post-update, we conduct thorough validation tests. This step is all about ensuring that your site’s functionality and performance remain unaffected by the update.
  5. Production Site Merge: Once we’re confident that the update is stable and fully functional, we carefully merge these changes into your live, production site.

Behind-the-Scenes Security Measures:

Between steps 3 and 4, our team runs automated, proprietary security scans. These scans check for known vulnerabilities and weak coding practices. If we identify any issues, we don’t just forge ahead. Instead, we alert you to our findings and collaborate with the developers of the affected code to resolve these concerns before the updates are made live on your site. This extra layer of scrutiny is part of our commitment to your website’s security and integrity.

With SilverCod, WordPress updates don’t have to be a headache. Our methodical process ensures that your site benefits from the latest WordPress advancements while maintaining its stability and security. It’s a comprehensive approach, combining technical expertise with proactive risk management, to keep your digital presence robust and reliable.

Are you looking for a partner who can manage your WordPress updates with precision and care? Contact SilverCod today and let us handle the technicalities, so you can focus on growing your business.

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