Rethinking the Hacker Stereotype: The Low-Tech Reality of 2023’s Cyber Threats

In 2023, the image of hackers as hoodie-clad, high-tech masterminds was challenged by a series of cyberattacks that revealed a different reality. As we at SilverCod observed, these cybercriminals often relied on surprisingly low-tech methods to achieve their goals.

The Cyber Angle: A Year of Low-Tech Intrusions

Last year’s cyber landscape was dominated not by advanced malware, but by simple, effective tactics. While fears of cyberattacks by hostile governments loomed large, the most significant disruptions came from scammers using basic techniques to infiltrate networks.

Social Engineering: A Key Tactic

Scattered Spider, a group behind breaches at major companies like MGM Resorts and Coinbase, exemplified this trend. They used deceptive phone calls to trick customer service representatives into revealing passwords. Their aggressive tactics, sometimes involving threats of termination, led to around 52 breaches since 2022, according to CrowdStrike.

The Lapsus$ gang, known for infiltrating Okta Inc. and Microsoft Corp., also employed social engineering, targeting call centers and recruiting insiders via Telegram.

The Risks of Outdated Technology

Another major vulnerability was outdated technology. Hackers exploited known security flaws in software, as seen in the Citrix Bleed incident, which affected companies including Boeing Co. This highlights the importance of timely updates and addressing security flaws.

The Unknown Extent of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks surged by 51% in 2023, impacting major firms, banks, hospitals, and government agencies. However, the full extent of these attacks and the damage caused remains unclear, partly due to a lack of transparency.

Cybersecurity in Times of Conflict

In conflict zones, cyberattacks took a backseat to physical threats but still played a role. Russian hackers targeted Ukraine’s satellite and telecommunication infrastructure, while state-aligned groups spread disinformation on social media.

A Glimpse of the Analog World

An interesting side effect of these cyberattacks was observed at the British Library, which, after a ransomware attack, resorted to manual operations. This situation led to increased human interactions and a rediscovery of traditional methods, as reported by Sam Knight in The New Yorker.

SilverCod’s Expertise in Cybersecurity

At SilverCod, we understand that the most effective cyber threats often come in the simplest forms. Our team of experts specializes in identifying and mitigating these low-tech threats, particularly in securing websites, which are prime targets for such attacks.

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